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Water damage to your home’s foundation is a nightmare, and an unnecessary one at that.

Choosing and installing proper gutters and grading will prevent rainwater from pooling around your home’s foundation and seeping into your basement. Gutter guards are a great investment and will save you a lot of time in a long run. Gutters need to be protected from leaves and debris in order to work correctly. Fortunately, the experts at Ledgestone Construction, LLC can install leaf guards to protect your home.

The few common types of leaf guards:

Mesh or screen leaf guards simply snap onto the gutter. Any type of tiny debris small enough to get through it will easily flow down the downspout. This is one of the cheapest ways to protect your gutters from leaves and big debris that can clog them.

leaf protection gutter contractor mercer county nj
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Solid covers are just what they sound like. They fit and work really well. With one of these over your gutter, all leaves and other debris will go right off the side. You will hardly have to clean your gutters at all.Another option is gutter guards installed under your house shingles. These are a little more expensive, but they are more durable than most of your other options. The only downside to these is that there is some basic maintenance necessary. You just have to check your gutters from time to time.

Guards that lay on shingles are additional option. These gutter guards lay flat on top of the gutters and shingles. They can be hinged or locked on so that they do not shift. These will keep all debris out while allowing in water. These guards are one of the hardest ones to install, but at clean up time they just flip open, making cleaning them out a breeze.Gutter filters are a great option for protecting your gutters from leaves and other debris. These filters are made of a foam-like material. When they are installed over the gutter, only water can enter. Leaves will flow over the top or dry up and blow away without clogging anything.

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